Caroline Louise Miller is a US composer based in Portland, Oregon. Her work broadly explores affect, ecology, labor politics, tactility, and digital materiality, often addressing contemporary issues within dreamlike musical spaces that thread field recordings, shimmering textures, and romantic melodic lines through harsh noise and clattering dissonances. She has most recently received grants, fellowships, and commissions through Alarm Will Sound, SPLICE Ensemble with funding from Chamber Music America, Guerilla Opera, Transient Canvas, and Ensemble Adapter. In 2018 she won the ISB/David Walter Composition Competition for Hydra Nightingale, created with improvisor and bassist Kyle Motl. Other projects include whistle-session hijacker, a collection of acousmatic/instrumental hip-hop crossover tracks. C.L.M.'s music appears across the U.S. and internationally. Caroline is Assistant Professor of Music in Sonic Arts at Portland State University, and holds a Ph.D in Music from UC San Diego.




Here-There, experimental documentary, with Alarm Will Sound and collaborator Stefani Byrd.

Lead Researcher, US West Coast @ Sonic Matter Festival 2021 _OPENLAB

Lucky Skies, for Jesse Orth, Tuba, premiere in Summer 2022




Kyle Motl's official recording of our collab Hydra Nightingale is released March 18th 2022 on Infrequent Seams, alongside pieces by Anqi Liu, Jessie Cox, Kyle Motl, and Asher Tobin Chodos. Pre-order the album HERE and Read about it at HERE @ Republic of Jazz.


November 2020: My theatrical work Ofelia's Life Dream was reimagined as a short film, directed by Laine Rettmer, produced by Guerilla Opera and starring Aliana de la Guardia.


Impressions of the Sky from Underwater, commissioned by Transient Canvas for their 2020—2021 season.



Territories, Refrains, a collaboration with Ensemble Adapter. Berlin, February 2020. For this work, I transcribed the sounds of fauna from diverse ecosystems worldwide, including many species of insects, wild dogs, birds, and frogs.




June 19th, 2022
Hydra Nightingale with Kyle Motl
Infrequent Seams Streamfest


May 27th, 2022
Lucky Skies premiere
by Jesse Orth, Tuba
Denton, TX


May 14th, 2022
Impressions of the Sky from Underwater
Transient Canvas@Boston Conservatory


April 23, 2022
College Music Society NW conference
Portland, OR


December 4th, 2021
The Witness and Roseville
With collaborators Lee Dunn and Stefani Byrd
part of _OpenLab
Sonic Matter Festival
Zurich Switzerland


December 1st, 2021
The Witness
with filmmaker Lee Dunn
SAMP Laptop Ensemble Concert
Portland State University


November 20th, 2021
Witnessing the West Coast
Sonic Matter Radio Feature
with Fabiano Kueva


October 16th, 2021
SPLICE Ensemble @ Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah


October 14th, 2021
Divum Ficta
Live-set @ Portland State University
Portland, Oregon


October 1st, 2021
Jungles: Remix
EEMS: Blackout Series @ UT Austin
Austin, Texas