Wall of old Women | 2017
site-specific installation

Realized in collaboration with Elisabet Curbelo, Fernanda Navarro, Hillary Jean Young, and Celeste Oram.

To raise the visibility of musical women that have largely been left out of dominant historical narratives, we occupied the hall of fame, normally a space reserved for people of known “greatness,” with old and deceased musical women from many different cultures and backgrounds. Interspersed with women who are famous enough to be household names, we planted non-famous musicians we knew growing up (piano teachers, a local church organist, patrons of the arts...), whose contributions through organizing, education, and outreach have transformed the local communities around them. The ideas of greatness, success, and genius underwrite a hierarchy that devalues the unpaid, unrecognized, affective, emotional, and child-related labor that women worldwide perform on a daily basis. By flattening the plane between fame and obscurity, we hope to partially redefine what constitutes a valuable musical life.