Tarantella Carbine (2010)
for violoncello and electronics


Performed by Jon Carbin. Premiered in June 2010 at the Academy Summer Composition Workshop.

Tarantella Carbine was originally written for cellist Jon Carbin. The tarantella part of the title primarily refers to the exorcism dance used in ancient Greece to cure those who were bitten by Lycosa Tarantula, and foreshadows a certain sense of frenzy. Carbine is used in a salute to Jon, whose surname was misspelled thusly on the original program for the premiere. Rather fittingly, carbine is described in the New Oxford American Dictionary as "a light automatic rifle." This effectively covers the dystopian sense of danger evoked by bits of the electronics mix. The piece in its entirety is best detailed as a gritty, raucous collage of abrasive sounds laced with references to neo-romanticism and experimental techno.