Tales From the Wasteland
dark, humorous, and strange musical acts from the beyond

Curated, organized, and produced by Caroline Louise Miller
Sound and lighting design, Jeremy Olsen and Caroline Louise Miller
Props, costumes, and scenery, Barbara Byers


I Could Have Chosen the Other Title, by Constantin Basica
Constantin Basica, DJ

$†@®, by Ryan Patrick Maguire
video + fixed media

Swan, by Yvette Jackson
fixed media

OtterBorg and JellyCrow in the Wasteland
Concept and Story, Barbara Byers with Ariadna Saenz and Daniel Byers
Barbara Byers, Ariadna Saenz and Lydia Brindamour, movement and voice
Alexandria Smith, trumpet and voice
Landon Bain, banjo

Chatbots, by Constantin Basica
Constantin Basica, voice and electronics

Living Dead, song by Whitney Rosalise

A Long Postlude, by Julie Herndon
Caroline Louise Miller and Constantin Basica, light dimmers



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