Sound Masses for Dark Times | 2016
multimedia installation

Sound Masses for Dark Times was originally created for the show Hillary(Jean Young)2016, which was held in early November at the Che Café, a historically significant co-operative social center and live music venue on UC San Diego's campus. In line with the Che's DIY aesthetic, many of the materials used were salvaged from previous DIY projects by my music community, as well as from the Che itself. I decided to occupy a small, industrial water closet with sheet metal walls. My strong ties to the industrial decay found in certain spots of Midwestern cities, where I grew up, gives me a sense of intrigue and belonging regarding such spaces.



The sound part of the installation features 38 different mixtapes, which layer 9 different tracks in various combinations. The tracks are songs and field recordings, both by me and others, that seem to evoke a sense of precarity. Orchestrating different voices to sound together as a mass nods to the practices of mashup and remix.


Materials and Space
Small to medium industrial or abandoned space
Array of laquered black bells of various sizes, suspended on lattice.
Lattice at 6ft 4in, filling as much horizontal space as possible
Blue LED light string(s) arranged in coils
One or more flags representing subaltern nationality(s) or protest
3D-printed head: found-object potentiameter knob
Single-potentiameter controller with arduino
Computer+monitor with sound masses maxpatch
A pair of small speakers