Tiffany DuMouchelle performs Ofelia's Life-Dream at Birch Aquarium's giant
kelp forest tank, April 2014

Ofelia's Life-Dream (2009)
for actress and electronics

Ofelia's Life-Dream by Caroline Louise Miller

Performed by Liz Comninellis. Premiered in September 2009 at the Kansas City Art Institute


Ofelia's Life-Dream details the thoughts of a dreaming woman who supposes she is drowning, and explores the perspectives of three organisms: Mycena discobasis (a tropical bioluminescent mushroom), Hemiceratoides hieroglyphica (a moth that drinks the tears of sleeping birds), and Tahina spectabilis (a giant exploding palm tree). There are four parts:

I. Elizabeth (a poet) drowns

II. Bioluminescence

III. Secrets

IV. Exploding Palm