Jungles III (2015)
for alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano, and percussion

from Caroline Louise Miller on Vimeo.


Jungles III (formerly titled "Metascore Lab") was premiered in Pasadena, CA in May 2015 by members of WasteLAnd: Nicholas Deyoe (electric guitar), Richard Valitutto (piano), Benjamin Sorrell (alto saxophone), and Justin DeHart (percussion).

All the gestures and textures in this piece are derived and orchestrated from my electroacoustic work Jungles: Remix. I wanted to see if some of the energies I captured there could translate into an acoustic medium. My process involved making a subjective graph of these energies, where a dual Y-axis showed pitched and unpitched material in terms of frequency range, the X-axis showed time, and amplitude was represented with boldness of line or color. Timbre and envelope I attempted to represent with shape. I then cut up my graph into chunks and rearranged them into a shape that interested me to try to orchestrate. See example of graph below:



Jungles III can be considered a "meta" score of Jungles: Remix, as it is an orchestration of something already orchestrated. An ongoing facet of this project is to realize this graph of energies for a wide range of acoustic instrumentations.