Immersion @ Birch Aquarium
community event featuring music, film, poetry, and interdisciplinary collaborations, 2013–2017



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Photo descriptions

Inaugural Event Poster
Gamelan Kebyar led by Putu Hiranmayena
Fiona Digney, percussion, giant kelp tank
Giant Starfish
David Medine sonifies the sardine tank
A video installation by Maya VanderSchuit is projected on the building
Paul Hembree prepares to present algorithmic video work
Tiffany DuMouchelle, giant kelp tank
Meghan Welsh plays the saw with leopard sharks
Ine Vanoeveren in the tropical fish gallery
Bryan Jacobs performs a solo set in the Climate Change Gallery
Bonnie Lander and Judith Hamann improvise
Jennifer Bewerse plays Sept Papillon, by Kaija Saariaho
Voices of Our City Choir performs soul music in the Galleria
Gamelan Kebyar nearing sunset
Michael Matsuno, giant kelp tank
Jonathan Nussman, Lauren Jones, and Barbara Byers resonate crystal glasses
2015 event map